South Tipperary Arts Centre/Tipperary Arts Office Residency Award 2018


Posted 2/08/2018

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South Tipperary Arts Centre/Tipperary Arts Office Residency Award 2018
Information for Applicants


The award is open to practitioners across all artforms.
The award will cover a residency period from October 2018 to January 2019. Applicants must be available during this time.
Applicants should be born in or domiciled in County Tipperary.
The Aim of this award is:
To develop a new partnership model of artistic support in Tipperary which encourages and supports the development of new work by Tipperary Artists.
To support artists in getting work through the stages of research and experiment towards production and/or presentation.
To provide a support structure for an early or mid-career artist to develop new work or ideas. 
The director of South Tipperary Arts Centre will accommodate access to the workshop space where possible and as agreed in advance – the workshop space is unsuitable as an artist’s studio as there are daily classes. An office space will be available for research purposes.
The amount of the award is €3,500.
Submission deadline is Friday August 31st at 5pm. Late applications will not be accepted.
Submission requirements:
Details of previous work to include examples as relevant
Artistic CV
Detailed Residency Proposal
Details of projected budget
The decision of the project partners is final.
This project is supported by the Tipperary Arts Office arts programme, which is supported by The Arts Council.

Please note: The aim of this residency is to support the development of new work therefore budget projections may include costs for mentoring and/or other artistic input if relevant
e.g. directors fee for theatre based work etc.

Posted 2/08/2018