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Posted 07/04/2018

Naturalism - Carmel Madigan Exhibition

Date: 16/03/2019 - 6/04/2019

Time: 6pm

Ticket type: Free

Naturalism - Conversations from the Edge

An exhibition in the studio gallery of work by artist Carmel Madigan

Launch Date: 16th March
Time: 6pm

Venue: South Tipperary Arts Centre
            Upstairs Studio/Gallery (Ask for viewing times)

An exploration of nature from the wild Atlantic seaboard and showcasing new and recent works of Loophead artist, author and naturalist Carmel. T Madigan. The work includes nature itself, a saving of its tidings, a forever collection embedded in the dense layers of her work. The work seeks not to romanticize a dream  but to organically naturalize the actual, the inclement, elemental, passive environment that is nature, where density meets a smooth soft sky, where debris over spills from the ocean storms,  where the unruly entanglements therein inform delicately interwoven layers and shades, where the artist playfully knots and tangles in paint and collage, a perceived understanding of its random perfection.

For more information on the artist Carmel Madigan, please visit her website here