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Posted 07/04/2018

Mud & Mirror Work - Two day workshop

Date: 28/08/2019 - 31/08/2019

Time: 28th Aug 6pm - 9pm | 31st Aug 11am - 2pm

Ticket type: Book at Venue

Note: €70 for both days

​Mud & Mirror work​ 
A two day workshop for Adults 

DATES: 28th August & 31st August (both workshops are linked and require a two day break for clay to dry)
PRICE: €70 for both days (including materials)

​Mud & Mirror work ​is a traditional mural craft of Kutch in Gujarat, India. It is mostly done by the village people (Rabari community) of the region Kutch to decorate their houses (traditionally known as ​Bhungas). 
This craft is also known as “​Lippan Kaam” across India. The word ​Lippan means plastering with mud/dung or both and ​Kaam means work. This craft is traditionally made of materials like mud and camel dung that were locally available in the region and helps to keep the interiors of the house cool. Though, the work was limited to the interior walls but today it’s also found on the outer walls of the ​Bhungas
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Two day worksop

Day 1:   28th August 2019, Wednesday | 6pm to 9pm 

Day 2:   31st August 2019, Saturday | 11am to 2pm 

Venue​: South Tipperary Arts Centre, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary. 

Workshop details:
Hand’s on exercise on a piece of wooden plank. Created with the help of clay and glass mirrors. 
Participants will be provided with all the materials. They can also take their master piece at home by the end of the workshop.
The workshop will also be supported with short documentary focusing on “ ​Lippan Kaam/Mud and Mirror ​“ craft of India. 

Outcome​: A beautiful piece of mirror artwork in the form of wall Mural. (Facilitator: Kriti Khatri) 
For registration please contact South Tipperary Arts Centre