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Posted 07/04/2018

Heritage Food, Cider & Wine Musical Soiree

Date: 29/09/2018

Time: 8pm

Ticket type: Sold Out

Join us for a Cider, wine and food musical soiree featuring the world premiere of
‘Lady Blessington’s Bath'
Saturday 29th September @ 8pm, 
Town Hall, Clonmel
Spend an evening in the company of Charles Bianconi, Dan Hearn and their special guest, the long awaited Lady Blessington, to catch a whiff of life in 19th century Clonmel.
'Deep where the corridors of power cross the currents of history, in Clonmel’s hallowed Council Chamber, drama unfolds as some of the town's leading nineteenth century personalities collide with a roar on stage. Lady Blessington is one short carriage ride away from the bath of her dreams. Will it all go with a splash or will mythological reptiles eat the mayor? "
Find out at Clonmel AppleFest’s musical soiree, in between generous musical interludes during which you can sup Longways cider, quaff wine courtesy of the Wine Buff, munch 'Tipperary Tapas' specially prepared by Barbara Russell and track down your 1837 Clonmel forebears, all for € 25 per person.  
With a cast of the top community performers comprising Louise Garcia, Sean Scott, Paul Kelly, Catherine McVicker and Nicola Everard and multi instrumentalist Brian Byard and fiddler Camilla Schmidt..