Youth Art



Grainne Wilson

26th - 30th June

Fashion and textile design 13 years and up

Freshly graduated from Limerick School of Arts and Design with a degree in fashion design, Grainne introduces participants to a wide range of skills integral to the designing and manufacturing of fashion and textiles. Participants will explore a wide range of exciting skills, old and new, before applying them to the design.

• Textile experiments with felting,
stitching, ripping, fusing, painting,
printing, needle knitting, crochet,
quilting, collage, weaving, knotting,
macrame etc
• Exploring form in design with paper, card &fabric on a stand
• Collage design
• Fashion design drawing and illustration
• T-Shirt design
• Footwear design
• Jewellery design
• Recycledmaterials
• 3D modelling
• Textile art
• Fashion deconstruction/reconstruction


Georgina Johnston

3rd - 7th July
6-8 years

Georgina lives in the beautiful countryside near Annacarty
Co. Tipperary. She has given children and adult craft workshops
for a number of years in Tipperary including JunctionFestival,
Tipperary County Museum, South Tipperary Arts Centre,Clonmel
Technical College and numerous festivals. Having studied jewellery
and metal work in Clonmel, she has just completed an honours
degree in Design (Ceramics)

Craft Workshop
This childrens craft workshop hopes to nurture, foster and develop
a childs own creative potential.

• Paper craft
• Printing
• Clay work
• Papier mache
• Painting
• Drama
• Party games


Áine Hennessy

10th - 14th July
4-6 years

Áine is a primary school teacher from Clonmel. This will be her
4th year runing summer camps in the Arts Centre. This
workshop aims to inspire the children to be creative through

• Painting
• Drawing
• Colouring
• Marbling
• Mono printing
• Clay work

Elke Wilson

17th - 21st July
8-12 years

Elke Wilson is a multidisciplinary educator with over 15 years
experience in arts and crafts tutoring. Drawing from a broad
range of sources, Elke engages all ages and abilities in
fun-filled creative workshops. Having lived in Ireland for thirty
years, she is continuously inspired by the natural landscape
and its flora and fauna and aims to share this passion with
the community through her classes.

Summer camp description
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same
time” - Thomas Merton. Join Elke for an exciting week of arts
and crafts exploration. A wide variety of hands-on projects will
introduce participants to techniques such as,

• Origami
• Papier Mache
• Collage
• Sculpting


Grainne Wilson

24th - 28th July

Art & Design
13 years and up

This workshop aims to introduce participants to a broad spctrum
of practices within art. Each day will focus a new skill, style and
examination of a particular artist or designer, culminating in the
production of individual pieces of work. Spanning a range of
topics from Aboriginal art to contemporary fashion design, there
is something for everyone.

• Painting, printing, drawing, sketching, collage
• 3D modelling
• Mask making
• Textile design
• Illustration/animation/comic illustration
• Fashion design/illustration



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